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Looking to have your content featured on ThingsIDig.com? Well today you can sign up with TID and have your content featured on our main site. There is traffic and people reading the TID Web Magazine  so your content will get tons of exposure.

Remember when submitting content to us that we only accept unique content with no grammar mistakes. If that’s the kind of writing that you do then this will be the perfect new home for your unique content. If that’s not you don’t bother registering to publish with us because we will not approve your content. To be approved it must be unique Copyscape pass articles.

We accept as many articles as you can write on TID and publish them daily. Get readers dedicated to reading your content on our website. The writing may seem hard at first but know that when writing it is going to get easier as you get into the groove of writing on our topics.

If you are trying to write just for a link back to your own website that’s a keyword or key phrase well we do not accept lots of links only a link in the byline of the article. When you write for us it is just to get your content read by more of a community like the community established on ThingsIDig.com.

You can contact us via email at mybloggerthemes@gmail.com to get started writing with us. I believe that guidelines of quality are very important so if you do not have good quality writing then do not bother trying to write for TID Web Magazine.

Now that you know you can write you must wonder how many words my post is going to have to be. Well the minimum words we accept are four hundred so 400 words plus meaning 400 or more words on a topic will be accepted.  This can take from 5-40 minutes and is valuable for us and valuable for you because you get that one link with us back to your main site so other people can visit your website too. Also your article must be friendly to the search engines or SEO friendly if you don’t know what that means do some research or don’t apply.

So now that you know what’s needed from you if you qualify to do this then you can start toady writing for us. Writing for us at TID is moderated and we will not accept any spun or duplicate content. This means no content re-worded by machines or no content that would be found on any other place on the net. Write your own words it must pass Copyscape.

In return you will get one dofollow link to your website and your article read by thousands of visitors.

Please SignUp and Submit your articles for review.